Flamingo Real Estate & Management is proud to be a full service real estate boutique representing the tri-county area (Sumter, Lake, and Marion) with professional experience in all facets of real estate: Residential, Vacant Land, Commercial, Industrial, Property Management and Commercial & Residential Leasing. With 14 years of exclusive real estate business under his belt, Broker Robbie Shoemaker, decided it was time to venture out on his own and build a brand committed to Service over Sales, Presence over Price, Relationship over Realty and Commitment over Commission. Read below and stop by to see why Flamingo Real Estate & Management truly is “your leg up in real estate!”

Our Culture


What We Believe

Service over Sales

It’s very easy in the Real Estate industry to allow service to fall by the wayside in comparison to sales because after all Real Estate is a sales driven business. However, we’ve been a part of many of deals where the sale was completed and the Buyer or Seller on the other side of the transaction was not happy walking away from the closing table because at some point during the transaction there was a breakdown in communication with their real estate agent and the sale became more important than the continued service. It’s our belief at Flamingo Real Estate and Management that the two go hand in hand and if your services meet or exceed your customers expectations then sales will simply be a byproduct.

Relationship over Realty

We are very passionate about real estate, but more passionate about people. We would choose relationship over Realty any day of the week. Great communication and Great relationships will always sell over a specific property. What most people misunderstand in this business is that it’s not simply about selling a specific property. There’s hundreds of properties to sell. In as much as you are selling a property, there’s no such thing as a property selling itself! It takes two parties agreeing upon a particular set of terms and without the joining of the two parties there is no sale! That is why our Brokerage values Relationships over Real Estate.

Presence over Price

In order to get the right price you must provide the right presence. Presence is more than just branding and marketing. It’s having your finger on the pulse of the local market and having an understanding of market conditions, both domestic and international, local government, planned communities, future expansions, planning and zoning boards, utility placement, and infrastructure. It’s our belief at Flamingo Real Estate & Management that what you know is just as important as who you know.




What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • I'm a Real Estate Broker and investor from Indiana, and moved to Florida last year. After selling some of my rental properties in Indiana, I wanted to reinvest the proceeds in Florida real estate. Robbie had the property listed that I was interested in, so I called him. He was really easy to work with and went the extra mile helping me get the property rezoned to fit my needs! He was always honest with me, and responded quickly to my phone calls and texts! I truly enjoyed working with Robbie & Flamingo Realty and fully recommend them !

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    — Pam Taylor
  • Most likely the best group of real estate professionals in Central Florida. Their experience and great ability to network stands out above the rest.

    — Jay Ortengren
  • Flamingo Real Estate & Management found a home and property for us that I love. They are so easy and comfortable to talk to and be around, making the experience a great one for me.

    — Krista McAlister
  • Flamingo RE & Management went above and beyond in order to provide us with an excellent home buying experience! The "flocking" of our front yard along with a wonderful closing present was very sweet and thoughtful! I highly recommend them for any home buying, selling, or renting needs!

    — Kaitlyn Williams
  • The Flamingo Team helped us realize our dream....after 10 years of planning and hoping to retire we found our dream home and the dream has become a reality thanks to the expert care and services of Flamingo RE & Mgmt. They take what can be a daunting challenge and make it a streamline and worry free adventure. They walked us through the ins and outs of selling our old home and finding our new one.....they are amazing to work with and we are so thankful for everything they have done for us!

    — Corbin & Robin Brubaker
  • Just wanted to say thank you for being so wonderful throughout the whole process. It truly was a pleasure to work with Flamingo Real Estate & Management.

    — Matt Hoopfer
  • We seriously could not have done this without you. There just aren’t words to say thank you that are big enough. Best part of all of this Real Estate ordeal is now having new people in our lives. You are like family to us and we cherish the time we have spent with you and look forward to time in the future. Thank you so much!

    — Kim & Farra
  • We really appreciate all that the Flamingo Team has done for us.

    — Chris & Ann Crofts

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